Here are Flip Charts of Gospel Presentations that you can use to share the Gospel:

The Good Person Test

Good Person Questionnaire (PPT) If you need this presentation to work on an apple device, let me know. I have one that I use on my IPod and IPad that is formatted correctly for them.

The Good Person Test (PDF-Flip Chart) Takes a lost person through the Ten Commandments to show them their need for forgiveness, then shares the gospel

The Good Person Test (PPT) Interactive “Good Person Test”

Other Presentations/Studies

The Bible Story An overview of the whole Bible.  Traces the promises of God through history and shows how they were fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

The Gospel: A Story of 3 Trees A presentation of the gospel using 3 “bible trees”, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Calvary, and the Tree of Life.

Who Is Jesus Christ? A thorough examination of the eyewitness testimony that shows who Jesus claimed to be, and also the testimony of the Old Testament Scriptures.

If you have any evangelism materials that you think would be helpful to Christians (tracts, PowerPoint presentations, articles, etc.), or if you have any ideas to improve the site, please let me know!

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