“Your truth is your truth, and my truth is my truth.” “You are wrong to judge.” “You shouldn’t be judgmental.” If you have heard these statements, you are talking to a relativist. This is a self-contradicting worldview, which is shown in the following articles.

If you are a Relativist, answer the following questions below in the comments section:

  • Is it true that all truth is relative?
  • Is your answer to the previous question absolutely true?
  • If morality is relative, how can you be judgmental of other people that have different opinions than you?
  • By what standard do you call anything “evil.”
  • How do you handle the “problem of evil”?
  • Can you know anything for certain?
  • Are the laws of logic absolute (universal, eternal, applicable to everyone)?
  • How can we believe contradictory things and both be equally right? Is this not illogical?
  • If my personal belief is that you are wrong, is this true?

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