The question has been asked many times, “Is Mormonism Christian?” The answer is NO. These articles show how Mormons contradict scripture and reasons why they are not Christians.

If you are a Mormon, can you answer the following questions for me below in the comments section of this page:

  • Do you believe Heavenly Father is able to give us His word and not allow it to be corrupted? If so, why do you believe the Bible has been corrupted by men?
  • If the Bible teaches us not to trust our emotions/heart (Jer 17:9), why do you trust your feelings that tell you Joseph Smith is a prophet instead of comparing his teachings to scripture?
  • Where does the Bible teach that you can become a god?
  • Where does the Bible say that God is a man from another planet?
  • We know that life forms from another planet are called aliens.  Therefore, isn’t it true that Mormons worship an alien from another world who they call their god?
  • If the book of Mormon is the most correct book of any on earth and contains the fullness of the gospel, then why does it not contain the essential Mormon doctrines of eternal progression, the priesthoods, the plurality of gods, that God is an exalted man, and the 3 degrees of glory?
  • If the book of Mormon was transmitted to us by the power of God, why does it have thousands of changes of spelling, grammar, names, etc. in it?
  • Why does the Mormon Church still claim the book of Abraham is inspired Scripture, when it has been demonstrated that it is not that, but is instead an Egyptian burial papyrus?
  • If Elohim (which is God the Father in Mormonism) was once a man, then he changed from being a man to becoming God.  How is this possible when the Bible says in Psalm 90:2, that God is God from everlasting to everlasting?
  • How did Joseph Smith carry home the Golden plates when the weight of the plates, if they had been pure gold, would have been over 200 pounds?
  • In Mormonism, the father is called Elohim and Jesus is called Jehovah.  But in 1 Kings 8:60 it says that “The Lord is God.”  Literally in the Hebrew it is “Jehovah is Elohim.”  How do you explain this passage that says Jehovah is Elohim?
  • If the book of Mormon is true, why have both National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institute rejected it as being archaeologically reliable?

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