Sin Points Us To Jesus

The context of Galatians 3:24 shows that God gave us the Law in order to show us our sin and to help us see our need for Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul talks about the condition that our sin leaves us in when he says, “cursed is everyone who does not abide by all things written in the book of the law, to perform them” (Galatians 3:10). The reason why people want to come to Christ is because they see the desperate situation they are in and see that they need to be right with God before it is too late. But there are many who believe that God will accept them to Heaven based on their belief that they are a good person. They feel that they have lived a life that has met the standard that God gives in the scriptures. Is this the case for you? Do you believe if you died right this instant, you would have lived a good enough life to get to heaven? Compare your life with the standard God gave His people in the Ten Commandments. Do you think you have kept them?

You shall have no other gods before Me. Have you ever put anything before God; any possession, even family? If I were to ask your ten closest friends or family members what the most important thing in your life is, what would they  say? Friends? Family? Your possessions? A sin you don’t want to give up? How far down this list would God, your Creator be? All of these things that come before God may be idols in your life. God says that we need to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30). Have you done that?  If you have broken this commandment by putting anything before God, you are an idolater in the sight of God.

You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. Have you Lawever used God’s name disrespectfully to show disgust or amazement? Have you used His name in the place of a cuss word? Or have you ever claimed to be a follower of Jesus Christ, but have not lived like it? Whenever you do this, you are dishonoring the name of God. If you have done these things, you may be a blasphemer in His sight.

You shall honor your father and your mother. Have you ever disobeyed or disrespected your parents? If so, you have broken this commandment.

You shall not murder. Have you murdered someone? More than likely you haven’t, but this does not mean you have not broken this commandment. Jesus says that if you have hatred towards someone in your heart, you are deserving of the same punishment as a murderer (Matthew 5:21-22). The Apostle John says that if you hate you are a murderer (1 John 3:15):

“Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him”

So even if you have hated someone you will be guilty of breaking this commandment. You are a murderer at heart in the sight of God.

You shall not commit adultery. There are many who have broken this commandment by cheating on their spouses or by being in marriages that God doesn’t approve of in His word. But Jesus takes it a step farther Matthew  5:27-28:

“You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY’; 28  but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

He says lust is adultery in the heart. He says that when you lust after someone of the opposite sex you have “already committed adultery” in your heart with that person. So if you have lusted, you have broken this commandment of God. You are an adulterer at heart in the sight of God.

You shall not steal. Have you done this, even something small? If so you are a thief in God’s sight.

You shall not bear false witness. If you do not tell the truth when talking about other people, or if you lie in any way, you are guilty of breaking this commandment. Even a “little white lie” is a sin before God. No matter what your motive is behind telling the lie, you are still lying. Also, if you believe you have no sin, you are a liar according to God (1 John 1:8, 10):

“If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us…  10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.”

We could look at more of God’s laws you have probably broken, but I think these suffice in showing that you aren’t as good as you think you are. There is no reason why you should be self-righteous. You should say along with Jesus that there is only One who is to be considered good: God (Luke 18:19). God is the definition of goodness, and none of us have lived up to this standard. His desire for us is to be holy as He is holy. If you have broken any of these laws just once you will be judged for doing so. You are a wanted criminal in the sight of God. Are you going to stand before God as an idolater, a blasphemer, a rebellious child, a murderer at heart, an adulterer at heart, a thief, or a liar on Judgment Day?

Our Condition

Separation From GodWe cannot dwell with God because of our sin (Psalm 5:4). It separates us from Him. But even worse, our sin causes us to be enemies of God, and we have His wrath abiding on us (John 3:36). As Galatians 3:10 tells us, the law shows us that we are cursed; we are in a state of condemnation because we cannot obey the law perfectly. Many falsely believe that God will just forgive them of all of their sins unconditionally. Many also think that if they do enough good works they can earn their way to Heaven. Those who think this are trying to bribe the Judge so they don’t have to pay the penalty for their crimes. Religions which teach that one can get to Heaven through doing good works are saying (without realizing it) that their god can be bribed to overlook their crimes. These religions do not have a god who is just. We can only be made right with the Judge if the penalty that we deserve for our sin is paid. Only when the penalty is paid can our crimes be forgiven. God is a God of love and forgiveness, but He is also a God of justice. He says of Himself, “The LORD is slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He will by no means clear the guilty…” (Numbers 14:18).

The Great Judge’s righteous, holy wrath is against all who reject Him and His law, and because our sin  is first and foremost against the eternal, holy God who has given us life, breath, and all things, we deserve the worst of punishments. The penalty that God has stipulated for those who break His laws is death. We all deserve to die because of our sin and to suffer what the hellBible refers to as the ‘second death,’ a place called Hell. This is God’s eternal prison of torment and anguish for those who break His law (see 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9 and Rom 2:8-9). This is a desperate situation that our sin puts us in. Because of our sin we cannot dwell with God in this life, and we are in danger of an eternal separation from God in Hell if we die in this condition. Since God pronounced these consequences, we can be assured that they will occur.


Only when we truly see the state which our sin puts us in can we come to Christ with a repentant heart. We must see that there is nothing we can do to make up for the crimes we have committed in rejecting the Law of God. We must stop trusting in ourselves and trust in what God did for us through Jesus Christ. Paul says in Romans 3:26 that God is “just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus,” not the one who puts their faith and trust in themselves. God, knowing about our helpless condition, made a plan to give us the hope of forgiveness and eternal life in Heaven. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, became a human being 2000 years ago. After living a sinless life, He allowed Himself to be condemned as an innocent man, and He took the punishment that we (the true criminals) deserve. He took upon himself our death sentence, and because He was willing to do this, God can look at us as though we are the ones who died. The price that is on our heads was paid by Jesus. Then three days after His death, Jesus was resurrected from His tomb. He defeated sin and death, and because of this, you can also! We are told in scripture that when we obey the Gospel, Jesus’ death becomes our death, and His life becomes our life.

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