It’s All About Jesus

All About JesusWelcome to the page for a new study I have put together to study the gospel with the lost. The point of this study is to show how the whole Bible is about Jesus, including the Old Testament. Below is the table of contents in the study. For now each link will take you to a post with the text for the study. Over time I plan to replace each page with a video teaching the material. I pray this material can be helpful to you as you get out to preach the gospel.

Introduction: Yes, It’s All About Jesus

1: Sin Points Us To Jesus

2: Seers Point Us To Jesus

3: Salvation Promises Point To Jesus

4: Shadows Point Us To Christ: Sacrifice

5: Shadows Point Us To Christ: OT Saints

6: Shadows Point Us To Christ: Special Feast Days   Coming Soon

7: Shadows Point Us To Christ: The Sanctuary of God    Coming Soon


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