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Below are the manuscripts for sermons I am currently putting together on evangelism. The goal of these lessons is to spur disciples of Christ to see the necessity for each and every Christian (not just evangelists) to do this work, and to do it with more urgency.


Examining Evangelism Methods


Misc Articles About Evangelism


Evangelism Lessons From Ezekiel


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  • We talk about what interests us the most. How often do you talk about Jesus? #priorities #FishingForMen
  • Are you REALLY following Jesus? Jesus said “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Has he made you a fisher of men? Followers fish
  • EYE OPENING!! Examining the Original Greek of the Great Commission http://ow.ly/h1l1Z
  • Inviting lost people 2 church is not evangelism. Don’t use it as a reason not 2 proclaim the gospel as ur commanded 2.
  • Being a good example is not evangelism. We are command to proclaim the gospel. It is a spoken message.


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