Door-to-door Evangelism

One evangelism method that has fallen out of practice in the church lately is door-to-door evangelism. The reasons for this may be many:

  • Some believe it is not effective
  • Too many people are not home
  • Fear. Afraid of scary people answering the door
  • Just don’t want to do it
  • Hate it when people think I am a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness

One reason that is not provided in this list is, “It’s unbiblical.” It is not on this list for a very good reason. It is Biblical. Door knocking is Biblical because it is a form of one-to-one evangelism, which is seen many times in the scriptures. The only difference between door knocking and other forms of one-to-one evangelism is the location. My experience is that the real reason many Christians do not like to go door knocking and criticize this method is because they do not like to do one-to-one evangelism to strangers. They have made up their mind ahead of time that talking to strangers is ineffective in spite of hardly ever doing it themselves. Also, when you do it with the attitude that it is ineffective (that God cannot do anything through it), of course you are not going to accomplish much for God’s glory.

Here are some quick tips in breaking the ice when going door-to-door:

  • When the door is opened for you, remember this, “God gave you an open door to share the Gospel!”
  • Always smile and act like you are privileged to have the opportunity to talk to the person that opened their door for you
  • Pray as you are approaching each door that if someone answers you would have the courage to share the gospel.
  • Always introduce yourself (and whoever may be with you)
  • Ask for prayer requests. This is a helpful way to get names and contact information so you can follow up later, and it shows which people are open to spiritual things
  • When you go door-to-door in your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to invite the person over for dinner. People are more open to this than you think.
  • If you are only inviting people to church or to a special service, don’t leave without attempting to share the gospel with them. You more than likely will not see them at the meeting. Sharing the gospel with them may make this more of a possibility.
  • Use tracts. Tracts are always a helpful way to break the ice.
  • Remember this fact in using any evangelism method: YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL WHEN YOU DO IT! Effectiveness is measured not by how many people come to Christ, but by how much God is being glorified in you.

Using some of these tips can make door-to-door evangelism much more easier and a lot less scary. If you have any other ideas for door-to-door evangelism, please let me know by emailing me at


  1. Edward Ocasio says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if you could pray for me because I know that The Lord is goading me to preach the word of God and talk one to one with people, but I’m just so nervous of even thinking about doing it door to door. I can’t even ask my parents if I can go to a friends house without them getting mad at me for asking them. I know that I need help or even a partner to do this with would be a blessing. And also how do I begin talking to people about the gospel without making everything awkward? Thanks and on another note, I am only 16 but age doesn’t matter that much.

    • Hi Edward. What church do you go to? Is there another person around your age that you think would be willing to go and do evangelism with you. If not, ask the preacher if he would be willing to take you out to evangelize. Remember, most importantly of all, that Jesus promises that as we go out to share the gospel, He will be with us. IF your parents end up trying to stop you from evangelizing, remember that there are people your age at school who you can talk to. I have a card that can help you to start conversations. You can find it at the following link:

  2. Rev Keith Wright Chaplain says:

    Greetings in the Precious name of Jesus,
    Getting started is perhaps the most difficult part of going door to door. When I started out in ministry over twenty five years ago several others along with myself prayed up in a church van before going out. And, I mean prayed up for three hours. We were witnessing to the drug addicts, prostitutes and homeless in the inner city of Camden, NJ. What this gave me was not only experience but took away my fear of rejection. Every time you step up and witness you gain more confidence. I also found that after awhile I began to look forward to witnessing. Remember, we witness through the power of the Holy Spirit and not of ourselves. Whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord, Amen.

  3. I need you all to pray for me and my wife we would like to start a door to door witnessing,
    we’re asking for your sincere prayers

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