The Bible

These articles are meant to show the Christian how reliable the word of God is, and to show the Christian that it should be the ultimate authority that you have in life.

If you do not believe that the Bible is the word of God, can you answer the following questions in the comments sections below:

  • What internal proof would you require to prove the Bible is from God?
  • If the God of the Bible exists, do you believe He would be able to give His word in such a way that its truths would not be corrupted?
  • How do you define truth?
  • How do you distinguish between good and evil without using the Bible?
  • What is your ultimate authority?



  1. Friends of Christ, I’m having a delema about a Jesus’ second coming.

    I get many conflicting answers, but I know someone must have the answer that makes sense.

    The problem I’m having is, if the year of Christ’s first coming
    was prophesied, why wouldn’t the year of his sencond coming
    also have been given?
    Matt. 24:36 say’s that no one would know the day or an hour, but it says nothing
    about a year. And, Dan. 12, in answer to Daniels question in verse 8, seems
    to give a year for Christ’s return. In fact, all of chapter 12 describes what happens at the
    very end, setting a scene right out of II Thessalonians on the resurrection.
    Check it out.
    Please leave your comments, or visit FinalTimeProphecy.Com where this
    prophecy is, I believe, very detailed.
    According to the author of, The Final Time Prophecy, DW, the prophecy ends
    in 13 years.
    Looking for answers.

    • When Jesus says no one would know the day or hour, that would include the year. If we could figure out the year, we would know it would be one of the days during that year. If Jesus says no one knows, including Himself, we should not spend so much time searching scripture for an answer. If scripture really gave an answer, Jesus would not have said no one knows the hour. We need to just trust God. The end could happen any day or any hour.

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